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Remote Coaching

Do you have a nagging sense that things could be better?

Sometimes you may notice that your team or organization has a problem, but you don't quite know what it is, exactly, or what to do about it.

When you notice you have a problem, how long do you spend struggling with it before asking for help?

  • Sometimes all it takes to see beyond your problem is to describe it to someone else.
  • Sometimes you need someone to bounce ideas around,
  • or someone to notice details you thought insignificant.
  • Sometimes you need some new ideas,
  • or some new information.

I can help!

I want to make it easier for you to get help quicker. Email me for a no-cost, no-obligation conversation. Give me some background information on what you're facing, and some indication of when would be a good time to talk. Also, indicating your time zone would be helpful. We'll schedule a conversation at a time that works for both of us.

I expect that we might talk for about an hour. And that may be all you need. Or, if you want some ongoing help, we can talk about that, too. But right now, I want to help you with your immediate problem.

What sort of topics?

That's largely up to you. I have a broad background.

  • Startups, large companies, government agencies
  • Programming, test automation, leading teams
  • Entrepreneur, product development, IT systems
  • Effective teaming, productive changes, learning and improvement
And other experience I'm not thinking to list at the moment. My goal is to help people, teams, and organizations be more effective at software development. And to be happier while doing it.

You've got nothing to lose but a little time. And perhaps there is a lot you could gain.