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Evolutionary Anatomy of Test Automation Code

This book describes the evolution of test code as the size and complexity of the code base grows. It starts with clarification of the desired behavior and proceeds to the implementation of that behavior using the gamut from high-level acceptance tests through low-level unit tests.

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Patterns of Agile Journeys

A book of patterns derived from real-world Agile transitions by organizations we've observed.

Co-authored with Susan DiFabio, Oluf Nissen, Rich Valde and Dan Neumann

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Agile Adoption: Changing Behavior by Asking the Right Questions
Interchangeable Project Lenses Can Reveal the Unseen
The Importance of Oblique Goals
Taking the Long View in Software Development
The Three Amigos Strategy of Developing User Stories
Taking the Long View in Software Development
Slowing Down to Go Faster
When Estimates Go Wrong
Agile: What's in it for the Project Manager
part 1 and part 2 on
Project Communication: Caught in the Middle
Coherence vs. Standardization
Unintended Demotivation
Better Success Across Large Projects
The Three Amigos — All For One - One For All
Better Software, November/December 2011, Volume 13, Issue 6, pp. 24-27
Feel The Burn, Getting the Most out of Burn Charts
Better Software, July/August 2009, Volume 11, Issue 5, pp. 26-31
Common Areas at the Heart
paper and slides from the Agile 2007 Conference Proceedings
Overcoming Resistance
AYE Conference website, April 2007
An 8031 in-circuit emulator (PDF) & (source code)
Byte Magazine, July 1986
Yes, I really did start out in hardware design and embedded systems development. This article describes an early technique I used to decrease cycle time for more frequent and useful feedback. (The header comments in the source are WAY out of date!)


While It's Compiling: Skills Matter interviews George Dinwiddie
an interview by Skills Matter prior to CukeUp! 2014
George Dinwiddie on the Three Amigos (Business, Programmers, and Testers)
an interview conducted by Todd Charron at Agile 2012, hosted at InfoQ, August 2012.
Who is George Dinwiddie (also available in ebook form)
by Yves Hanoulle, November 15, 2011.
Acceptance Test-Driven Development
by 'Doc' List, Agile Development Practices West 2011
Measure Progress in a Way That's Visible and Reliable
in 5 Minutes to Process Improvement Success by Bill Fox, October 2011.
What skills are needed for Agile testing?
by Yvette Francino, June 2011.
How are Agile testing and traditional testing different?
by Yvette Francino, June 2011.
From One Expert to Another: George Dinwiddie
by Don Gray, TechWell, May 2011.
excerpts published in Better Software, May/June 2011.


Fitting Work to Capacity
A small poster to help deal with inevitable unplanned work
Developers Guide to Test Automation
The handout for half-day tutorial with Dale Emery at Agile Development Conference East, November 11, 2013
User Stories
A handout to go with a workshop on User Stories. Touches on what is a user story, how to use it, and how to split a large one into smaller ones.

Games and Exercises

Thereby Hangs a Tale
Thereby Hangs a Tale is a cooperative story-telling game


Why You Want to Practice Behavior Driven Development
Even Though You Might Not Know it Yet!
Agile Metro Detroit meetup (pdf)
Guided Tour of Test Automation
Agile Testing Days 2018 (pdf)
Creating Organizational Learning
GLASScon 2018 (pdf)
Question Yourself
Global Testing Retreat 2017 keynote (video)
Evolutionary Anatomy of Test Automation Code
Agile India 2017 (video)
Distilling the Essence
CukeUp NYC 2014 (PDF)
A Poet's Guide to Acceptance Testing
CukeUp NYC 2013 (PDF)
Agile 2015 (PDFs & video)
What's the Point of Story Points
Agile 2012 with Bob Payne (PDF)
Overview of Agile Testing
Agile Testing Workshop at ADP/West, June 6-7, 2011 (PDF)
Baby Steps and Pervasive Feedback
ADP/East November 17, 2010 (slides & notes)
Refactoring C#
DC ALT.NET meeting, April 29, 2009 (slides)
Sustainable Career
XPDay Manhattan 2007 (slides)
Books Articles Interviews Handouts Games Presentations