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Advanced BDD Distillation of Essential Examples (1-day)


This day is for the entire team--product specifiers, programmers, testers. It introduces everyone to the basics of BDD. It highlights the need for discussion of system requirements from a variety of viewpoints (e.g., the Three Amigos), and offers some techniques to facilitate the discussions. From these discussions, we will identify the essential examples required to feel confident that the system is meeting functional requirements.

This one-day workshop will teach you expert-level techniques for discovering the essential elements of the system you are building and for expressing those elements in a manner that supports both maintainable test automation and durable documentation.

This is an active, participatory workshop, not a PowerPoint lecture. Be prepared to walk away with enough experience to change the way you work.

Each attendee will get a workbook containing both exercises to be done in class, and reference material to take home. Lunch will be provided. Let us know of any dietary restrictions when signing up for the course.

I went to the training completely aware of what is BDD, its implementation, tools, etc. However I would say I learnt 100% more on the subject. George has made it really simple for all of us. The exercises and art of questioning is the key. I recommend the course to each and everyone who would like to dive in the area of BDD. Thanks George!

Key Takeaways

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