iDIA Computing, LLC

"effective software development"


I can help your team improve their software development skills, and learn new techniques to increase effectiveness, while they accomplish their current tasks. I can work with the team, teaching them more effective patterns of software development, while they work on their normal project. For most people, hands-on training on a code base important to them is far more effective than any classroom situation. In this fashion I can help provide immediate business value, while simultaneously enhancing the team's ability to provide business value in the future. It's possible for a team to reach agility in 6 months. I'd be happy to show you how.

Remote Coaching

Maybe you don't have enough need to justify an on-site coach. Maybe your team is distributed, anyway. I can help you improve your situation without being physically present. Check out the remote coaching possibilities that I can offer.


I can assess a team's current situation and determine the areas where improvement will most help. Often a fresh set of eyes can notice things that have become so routine as to be invisible to those immersed in them. Sometimes a team lacks a certain range of experience to be able to realize what's possible. Other times a team may see so many things that need improvement, that they have a hard time finding the best starting point.


I can teach your team—project managers, product owners, business analysts, developers, and testers—new ways of working more effectively and collaboratively. Check out the current course offerings or contact me to design a course tuned specifically to your needs.