iDIA Computing, LLC

"effective software development"


Some of the kind things others have said...

Very well prepared and exceptionally knowledgeable. Finally an experienced programmer who can teach.

George was very knowledgeable on course material and his extensive experience in the software development field proved valuable for the teaching of the course.

"Simply put, George is one of the best software engineers I have ever met. He combines deep knowledge of system design techniques and the development process with a relentless drive for quality. His knowledge is a direct result of his broad experience and his personal passion for well designed software. If you are looking for someone who knows how to build things that last, this is your man."

"George is major leader of the Maryland and DC Agile community. Well experienced in best practices and technology, George is highly qualified to lead a fully realized XP team. Yet George is also very practical and sensitive to clients who require a more evolutionary approach to improved software productivity and George is patient to infuse agility over time, when his clients are more traditional."

"I had an opportunity to work with George in George is great mentor and agile/XP proponent. The entire team was highly motivated and inspired by his sense of humor, practicality and his approach to solve complex problems in a simple way. This man is a wealth of knowledge has experience in evolving software techonlogies and is a great team player."